Good to be back, State Fair Fine Arts Show!!!


My piece ‘My angel’ will be part of the 2017 State Fair Fine Arts show! I am very happy about being part of this amazing sampling of Minnesota artists, and sharing my art with thousands of fair goers.
There will be a free preview night at the State Fair Fine Arts Building on Tuesday, August 22nd from 7 to 9:30 pm.
Enter the grounds through gate 0 via Hoyt Avenue, north of the fairgrounds. For directions to the Fine Arts Building (marked red) see map below.

Art-A-Whirl this coming weekend!


I will be back at the Grain Belt Bottling House for Art-A-Whirl, showing and selling my art! Started setting up today – I have a beautiful spot on the main floor, right when you come in. Minneapolis Ballet Dancers and Borealis Dance (see above picture from last years performance) will perform again throughout the weekend – worth seeing on their own account. Would be great to see you there!

Grain Belt Bottling House
78 13th Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Friday, May 19, 5 to 10 pm
Saturday, May 20, noon to 8pm
Sunday, May 21, noon to 5pm

My piece ‘Take Heart’ finally beautifully captured

‘Take Heart’, 21.5″ x 7.25″ x 8.25″, $850, Available directly from artist.

It is one thing to make art. It’s another thing to find a photographer who resonates with it well enough to capture its essence. I was lucky enough to secure Jessica Teigen Mattson’s time to take pictures of my new work! Just like Stephanie Pearo Dunn had previously done, Jessica amplified the expression and meaning of my work.


Last Thursday night!

Two art openings and many good vibrations! My piece ‘Genovefa’ is part of
NEMAA’s “Sweet Salon de Refusees” show at The Nortrup King Building.

My piece ‘Rise’ is in Mosaic on a Stick’s show themed “Words of Power and Light”.
Bothe pieces are in very good company – go and check them out!

Shows are still running. “Sweet Salon de Refusees” will run through February 11th and will be open on Saturdays from noon to 4pm.
Northrup King Building, Third floor gallery #332.

Mosaic on a Stick’s “words of Power and Light” will run through February 28th.
The shop is open every day except Sunday and Monday – check out specific hours here:





My Art-A-Whirl weekend, at Grain Belt Bottling House!

2016nemaapostcard   13230057_10208483440777993_7572622307713406183_n

Three days spent at Grain Belt Bottling House for the 2016 NE Art-A-Whirl, showing my pieces, sharing what they mean with kind listeners, watching people’s facial expressions relax, change and shift as they walked through the building, watching the hourly performance of the beautiful Borealis dance group. Bookended by Olympic style schlepping of pedestals and sculptures to and fro, it was physically and mentally demanding, exhausting, but also so rewarding. My sculpture set ‘Victorian Ghosts’ found a new home, and another sculpture will do so today. Thanks so much again to everyone who stopped by, chatted, listened, shared their own stories, and signed up for my mailing list. I will definitely be back at Art-A-Whirl next year. Also, now is the time to talk to me about a discount – I am offering most of my Art-A-Whirl sculptures for about $700

IMG_20160522_114913687  13227715_10154538015244123_2875468874173546130_o

13240536_10208483440977998_803327624287129328_n  13240142_10208483440537987_8443131438039420019_n

13221468_10208483440177978_4425386550262789258_n 13241193_10208483440217979_8600604681443565401_n




Gallery360 opening night snippets!

12974458_1090518950970637_5536723128298557096_n   12985480_10154198393021995_6838801737969711947_n

12994352_10154198393301995_7969560729783315089_n   IMG_20160413_115534302

I am still processing and relishing my impressions from the wonderful opening party for my joined show at Gallery 360 with Painter Kei Gratton on Saturday night. I feel so grateful to all the friends and supporters, old and new, who took the time to come out, look at the art and listen to the stories surrounding my pieces. Thanks so much again to each and everyone of you to be there with me during this big night, my first in the main room. The evening’s delight was crowned by the sale of my piece ‘Bloom’! Thanks so much to the buyer – I can’t even tell you how much this means to me.  To have one of my pieces be part of somebody else’s life is such a wonderful thought! The show will run through May 29, see the link to the event here:

IMG_20160413_115447080   IMG_20160413_115457015 IMG_20160413_115519035   IMG_20160413_114324438


My art on silk and cashmere!

The company Vida, a clothing manufacturer from San Francisco who prints original fine art on high quality clothing items, has approached me about joining their community of world wide artists, and have items like these manufactured for sale with my art on them! I’m really excited about how well my pieces look on a silk-cashmere blend scarf, like the one below! Check out my whole collection at:


Sneekpeak of new work!

BQ9A5095 BQ9A4635


Working hard on my pieces for my upcoming show at Gallery360
on April 16th! Be prepared for a a larger scale – I am so pleased to
have taken this important step.
Talented and creative photographer Stephanie Pearo Dunn
took these wonderful pictures of me working, and my new pieces.
Make sure and see them in person at the Gallery!